DVS Company

Equipment of machine-building enterprises and industries.
Hi-tech. Modern equipment. Quality materials.

DVS Company for your company are:


Selection, delivery, commissioning and service of industrial equipment

Raw materials

Supply of raw materials and consumables 

for machine building


Development and optimization of metal processing technology


Placement of orders for the manufacture of parts and assembly units

About us

Our team

  Our main wealth is the experience of our specialists, whom we gladly share in you. The whole range of machine-building production is available to us: metallurgy, machining, assembly, etc.

Our partners

  DVS Company cooperates with leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial equipment and materials, help to make a production of its customers modern and cost-effective.

Our clients

    Our clients from the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus are satisfied with our work. And we really appreciate it!

Our contacts


Phone: +380 68 145 48 75

             +380 66 563 90 15

E-mail: dvscompanylv@gmail.com


Phone:  +375 29 371 03 01
E-mail:   info@etayros.by


Phone: +7 925 12 10 542

E-mail:  dvs.trade.com@gmail.com